Saturday, February 18, 2012

The First Programs you Should get on with a SN child

During our 5 week stay in the NICU the social worker never mentioned programs that would qualify Dominic for secondary Medicaid (:/~).  Luckily, I have a friend that knows all about that who came to my rescue.  There are others out there, I know, who don't have the advantage of knowledgeable friends like that though.  There are so many different programs out there for children with special needs, and ways to get a Medicaid backup even if your income exceeds the low standard (A MUST for a medically complicated child... traditional insurance just doesn't cut it!).  Here are some resources to get you started:

You can find all the information on these programs and SO MANY MORE on the website for the Texas department of Aging and Disability (  Here are a few of the most important though to get you started.

MDCP (Medicaly Dependant Children's Program): 1-877-438-5658,  Provides respite hours (private duty nursing or attendant care for medically fragile children.  Also, if you qualify for this, you automatically get Medicaid.  First call and put your child on the list.  If your child qualifies you can by-pass the 8 year waiting list by waiting a few days and then call *&*&*& and ask to speak with the person who is in charge of "Money Follows the Child" program.  They will assign you a case worker and your case worker will help you bypass the waiting list (if your child is severe enough to qualify) and help set up the 24 hour required nursing home stay.

CLASS Interest List:1-877-438-5658  Provides home/community services like home modifications, nursing, therapies, respite.  Wait list is 10 years... call NOW!

PCS (Personal Care Services): 1-888-276-0702 option #2.  Provides a care giver to help with things that need two people to accomplish, like bathing an older child with a disability.  Even though your child may be small now, call to get on the waiting list so that when you need help, your name might come up.

HIPP (Health Insurance Premium Program): 1-800-440-0493.  A program that will reimburse the family for private health insurance premiums paid out.  I figure this saves the state money by allowing the person's private insurance to pick up a majority of the costs, kind of an incentive for families to keep their private insurance.

I encourage all you parents out there to, as my friend Ashlee says, "Find your voice!"  We have got to fight for our kids, so don't take no for an answer.  There are so many programs out there, for people of ALL incomes that make life with a special child so much more bearable.

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